Delaware St. John 2 : The Town with No Name

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Delaware St. John 2 : The Town with No Name

Post by annnot on May 17th 2010, 1:18 pm

Delaware returns... In another mystery/horror graphic adventure.
After uncovering the secrets of Midnight Manor, Delaware St. John and partner Kelly Bradford find themselves involved in a new mystery that proves to be darker and more sinister than the manor.
Deep in the woods of northern Maine there lies a town, a town that has never been recorded on any map. For twenty years the town has stood vacant after all occupants vanished one fateful night. Delaware must explore the town and speak with the ghostly inhabitants to figure out what happened here more than twenty years ago.The voices have called to Delaware and as he explores the Town with No Name he comes to realize that the most important secret he's about to uncover is his own.
In The Town with No Name Delaware finds himself drawn to a remote town never recorded on any map and has stood vacant for over twenty years. As Delaware learns more about the events that lead up to the town's demise he realizes that the most important secret he's about to uncover is his own...

* A thrilling first-person point & click horror adventure game.
* VIC (The Voice and Imagery Communication device). Use it to take pictures, record sounds, and contact Kelly for hints.
* Explore the abandoned remains of a town long forgotten to figure out what happened to it.
* Interview the ghostly inhabitants to get clues to the mystery.
* Find yourself tangled up in haunted places, filled with unsolved mysteries.
* Solve crafty riddles and find answers by interrogating spirits.
* Try to survive while something evil stalks you from the shadows.
* Follow Delaware's psychic visions to figure out the mysterious events of the past and future.
Download all 3 parts.



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