Real Detectives: Murder In Miami

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Real Detectives: Murder In Miami

Post by annnot on May 20th 2010, 3:19 pm

Twisted Evil

Use your investigative hat in Real Detectives - Murder in Miami, and solve a series of unexplained deaths.

Known as the "Magic City", Miami is a playground for the active and glamorous but to the Real Detectives, it's just another town where the bright lights and trendy streets mask the mayhem of murder, lies and deceit. Most recently, a rash of baffling and seemingly unconnected deaths has struck Miami, yet turning over rocks and asking the right questions soon reveal a tangled web.

Tag along with detectives Dan Foible and Katherine Healer as they search for answers. Investigate the crime scenes, collect evidence and interrogate suspects. Follow the clues from location to location and use an assortment of tools to solve key puzzles. Can you fit all of the pieces together and figure out what happened to serve justice?

Serve justice in this confounding Hidden Object investigation.

Investigate remarkable crime scenes and collect evidence.
Follow tantalizing clues and interrogate suspects.
Play inventive mini-games in your search for answers.
Use forensic tools to solve key puzzles.



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